Are we really driving from London to MONGOLIA?! YES!! And in a one-litre engine TAXI of all things! So why might we do this, you might be asking..... Well, why not?
Read on to find out more about the Mongol Rally - from the crazy driving to the fundraising we’re doing for charities in Mongolia...
How can you sum up the Mongol Rally?
- The Adventure of a Lifetime!
- The Challenge: travel a third of the way around the globe, from London to Mongolia in
  any car that has an engine with no more than 1 litre of power
- The Route: teams choose to take any route they want: in past years, some have gone as
  far North as the Arctic Circle or as far South as Iran on their way to Mongolia
- Starts July 21 from Hyde Park in London
- 200 teams
- The Charities: Each team going on the Rally also has to raise a minimum of $2000 for
  charity, and our team will donate our car once in Mongolia
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